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Asset Mapping

One of the deliverables being the LiDAR data, the point clouds produced statically with the Trimble X7 3D scanner. For the survey of urban roads and public utility, the Trimble MX50 is installed on the roof of a car, while the Trimble X7 was used for the surveying of canals. The trajectography provided by the MX50 is calculated by the Applanix POSPac MMS software, and the point clouds are generated, colorized, checked and if necessary registered on GCPs (Ground Control Points) on the Trimble Business Center (TBC) software.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is an approach to farm management that uses information technology (IT) to ensure that crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity with goals to ensure profitability, sustainability and protection of the environment.

Aerial Mapping

The impact drones are having in the surveying & mapping sector is arguably more significant than anywhere else. Which is why trimble has developed a number of products such as the UPS inphino, ZX5 and UX5 drones for their hardware application alongside the ecognition software and Trimble Access aerial imaging software to produce very high resolution images fit for industry purpose.

Monitoring & Scanning - Mines, Dams, Bridges, Tanks, Pipelines, Building & Structures

For Efficient Mine Surveys, Automate the set out with Trimble Access Mines field software and S-Series Total Stations. Once excavation is complete, rapidly capture as-built profiles with the SX12 Scanning Total Station for in-field comparisons and reporting. Trimble® 4D Control™ (T4D) provides automated movement detection that enables surveying and construction professionals to make informed decisions with confidence. Configure optical, GNSS and geotech sensors, manage monitoring data, apply geodetic corrections, report, visualize and share analysis with other project stakeholders.

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